Dimension made us pay for damages we didn’t cause & threatened eviction if payments are not made

A broken window pane in our apartment – there was no impact point
And as current/potential residents, we thought that you should know our story below: 

My husband and I woke up in the morning of 2/6/2019 to find one of our window panels cracked through the night, likely due to the cold weather during at that time. We reported this immediately to the building on 2/6.

Seattle Weather from 02/02 to 02/08 with the lowest degrees on 02/05 and 02/06
On 2/8, we received a notice from the building, saying that we had to pay for the broken window, with the reason that the crack was due to an impact and hence our fault. The only evidence provided was the below statement from a single contractor hired by Dimension:
A vague conclusion from a single contractor hired by Dimension Apartment
An impact is simply not possible since we had no guests over in that time period and have no pets/children. We also noted that the breakage pattern is suspiciously similar to thermal failures shown in research papers and window expert blogs below:
Image Source

On 2/18, we returned from our vacation and spoke to the property manager, explaining that we refused to pay for damages we did not cause. She put in a good faith attempt to reduce costs for us, but attempted to make us agree to pay for future damages regardless of fault (an illegal and unenforceable agreement). When we refused this offer, we were threatened with a 10 day notice to pay (with eviction implied).

This was quite surprising. We have lived in rentals for all of our adult lives and never had anything close to an eviction notice. In our past 10 months (and some 100+ months of rental history prior), we paid all rent on time and have never given neighbors or management any issues during our stay.
We even recommended one of our best friends to sign a lease in the same building a couple months back.
The email chain with management is found below. Because we like to stick to the facts, we shall end this post here and let the emails speak for themselves.
Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 7.18.16 PM (1)Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 7.18.29 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-25 at 7.18.48 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-25 at 7.45.58 PM

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